A Wrap Dress for Day or Night

I got this dress from Goodwill some time ago. It had shoulder pads, but I knew it would be chic if I removed them. It was kind of 80's Dynasty era fly with the shoulder pads. If the Real Housewives franchise existed in a few decades ago, this is what they would wear to lunch to drink wine and talk smack about each other. I like to pair it with a lacy bra, because the neckline drapes pretty low, and a pair of simple heeled sandals. For evening I like to dress up this piece with a fancy belt, sexy pumps and stockings.
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Slip Dresses For Fall

I recently had the chance to preview a new exhibit at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. You'll recall I previously previewed the museum's "Revival" exhibit, which included this stunning piece "Blue Gowns" by artist Beverly Semmes. The museum's current exhibit "Magnetic Fields" showcases abstract art by black women artists and is on display through January 2018. The works are intense and inspiring. Many of the pieces have striking patterns that would be amazing prints on a dress. 
WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!I originally purchased this black slipdress for Coachella. It was such a great price from Goodwill and is an actual slip. I love balancing the sexiness of a piece meant for the boudoir with the banal like a sweatshirt with my sorority crest on it and a pair of iconic Stan Smith sneakers. Below is my take on slip dresses for fall, framed by the "Magnetic Fields" exhibit, including the triptych for which the collection is named.

Royal Blue Party Dress

Do you have a color that you think might be your color? That's how I feel about this shade of royal blue. I don't wear it nearly enough, but when I do I always feel radiant. I'm also figuring out silhouettes that are the most flattering for my body and this simple a-line is on my short list. This dress from BCBG is so perfect to throw on for a birthday dinner, cocktail party or even as a guest to a wedding.
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Work wear with Riders by Lee

Do you guys remember Riders jeans? Well the brand is still around, still churning out affordable denim and has now added "work wear" and "weekend wear" to their portfolio. They sent me a pair of knit trousers to try out and I must say they're pretty comfortable. Perfect for a professional airport look when I'm flying cross country for work.
WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!Riders by Lee knit trousers(link)

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A long weekend in New Orleans

I celebrated my birthday in New Orleans this year. I'd never really been there before so it was great exploring a new city. Below I've provided tips on how to spend a long weekend in NOLA. We didn't visit Bourbon Street (it's under construction and narrowed by lots of scaffolding) but we did eat some great meals, hang out at some cool places and have a really great time so enjoy!
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FRIDAY: Laissez les bon temp rouler!
:: 3:00pm (The Nopsi Hotel) :: Play hooky on Friday, because it's your birthday! Book a direct flight from National Airport in DC to Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans; the flight is about two hours. Choose a flight that lands around the same time as hotel check-in so you can drop your bags and hit the ground running. Or in my case, hit the hotel's rooftop pool at peak sunshine time.
Choose a hotel based on the type of weekend you're looking to have. I wanted to relax and be pampered and I'm a big fan of the Salamand…

Wear Yourself to Work

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I'm sure you've wondered to yourself...does she really wear these outfits to work? Or does she just get all dressed up, find some amazing location and shoot these outfits just for her blog. Well the answer is... both are true. 
I work full-time in a job that has nothing to do with fashion or blogging and takes up a large majority of my day and sometimes my weekends if I'm travelling on business. That means I simply don't have the time to leave my desk and take beautiful photos in real time of what I'm wearing at work. So I will shoot several outfits in the same day (usually on a weekend) and then wear them to work all throughout the week. 
On some very rare occasions someone will offer to take my photo during the work day because they are practicing their photography (this has actually happened to me more than once) and these photos are the result of that; shot by my coworker and budding photograp…

Red, White and Bleu

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!top | jeans | shoes | bag

This year a few different people have told me they were less inclined to celebrate the fourth of July. It seems the current administration is making some folks less than enthusiastic about screaming 'Merica and shooting off fireworks. I casually slipped out of town for Independence Day like any native Washingtonian who is allergic to tourists does so I sort of let the day come and go like any other. However, Friday July 14th - Bastille Day - that's a holiday I could get into. 

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know I love me some French culture...and French beauty products...and French fashion...and French department stores. Listen if it's French I'm probably down for it. So I was very excited to don my tres chic red, white and bleu outfit in honor of la Fete nationale. Do you celebrate Bastille Day?