Wednesday, June 14, 2017

American Field: A Made in the USA Pop-Up

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

dress- Madewell & Old Navy (underneath) | belt- Lapis of Luxury 

boots- borrowed from photographer | clutch- gifted from the Philippians | headwrap- Ruby Sampson

Over the weekend I was invited to attend American Field, an all American Pop-Up Market focusing on brands made in the USA. I love it when my work life and my blogger life collide. During the day I work with labor unions, which are organizations grouped by profession (teachers have a labor union, firefighters have a labor union, even retail workers at Macy's and H&M have a labor union) that advocate for safer working conditions, living wages and the rights of workers on the job. So being able to connect with entrepreneurs that are creating products and jobs here in the US was a treat. There were tons of great items for sale and some especially great pieces for men (just in time for father's day). I walked away with a new fragrance from Abbott NYC that I'm obsessed with for summer, a sick B.A. Superhero cape teeshirt  for a special little girl who is a DC native, a cool new key ring from Craighill for my dog walker so she doesn't have to carry around her janitor key ring and a new found obsession with Polar Seltzer (Rose wine spritzers anyone?) and Virginia Dare Winery, which are luckily both available at the Harris Teeter near my office.

The event will return to the DC area this fall so make sure to follow American Field on social media for more information; and if you're in Boston or Brooklyn they're headed your way this year as well!


Thursday, June 1, 2017

Laduree Georgetown

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

dress: Goodwill | lace duster: Amazon | belt: Lapis of Luxury 

shoes: Forever21 | bag: Rebecca Minkoff

So I finally made it to the Georgetown location of the famous Parisian patisserie, Laduree. As you know (because I tell you every chance I get)  a few years ago I went to Paris a with a group of beauty bloggers. While we were there we didn't go to Laduree, but I did manage to bring home a souvenir anyway. Did you know the macaron brand sells make up? Yep! I have Laduree blush and not only is it creamy and well made but the packaging is so fabulous.

Ok but back to the food. Myself and a few ladies decided to check out the new Laduree and sample their breakfast menu. I've actually had brunch at Laduree in New York before so I knew we were in for a treat. The Georgetown location is a bit smaller than the one I visited in NYC but its beautifully designed and wasn't too crowed. We were able to get a table for three during a holiday weekend. (It does fill up around 1pm though so go early) 

The food was great. My girls ordered the restaurant's namesake omelettes and when they came to the table they were the most perfectly shaped eggs I'd ever almost didn't want to eat them! I got a very fancy version of avocado toast, complete with pumpkin seeds and it did not disappoint. They haven't gotten approved for their liquor license yet so now I have a reason to return because the cocktail menu looked delicious! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Uncommon Goods for Mother's Day

What I Love About Mom from Me Book, $10

I know that in your hearts you all love your mom, but isn't it nice every now and then to actually tell her so? That is why card companies invented Mother's Day right? No but seriously the least we can do for our moms is take time out once a year to celebrate them.
If you're like me the holiday crept up on you and now you're stuck trying to find a thoughtful and unique gift that doesn't make it look like you shopped last-minute... even if you did. If only I'd known about Uncommon Goods sooner! I've seen cool items sold on this website but I never knew what an amazing source it was for gift giving. In fact, while I was perusing the site for a gift to spoil my mom with this Mother's Day I fell down the rabbit hole of all the other gifts I could buy from the site. I'll definitely being turning to Uncommon Goods for cool gifts for wedding season because I hate shopping off a registry and they have gifts to give when they finally put a ring on it and gifts to celebrate the first year of marriage or even the fiftieth! And once you've found something for mom you can be proactive and find a gift for dad for Father's Day!

When I dug a little deeper I realized Uncommon Goods also has cool ties to DC. The founder actually came up with the idea for the Uncommon Goods after visiting a craft show at the Smithsonian. It would be amazing to gift your mom something you picked out for her from a local artist at a cool craft show, but Mother's Day is this weekend and you need something NOW. Uncommon Goods has created an online marketplace to bring these artisans' to you, in case you can't casually stroll a craft show at the Smithsonian before Sunday.

My top gifts to spoil your mom are listed below but Uncommon Goods has a whole section of their website devoted to ideas for what to buy her so get shopping because guaranteed delivery in time for Mother's Day ends soon!
Baby Keepsake Library, $80

Bedside Smartphone Vase, $32

Eyeglass Holder Necklace, $65

My Family Cookbook, $35

My Life So Far, $30

Personalized Family Member Signpost, $125-200

Personalized Family Signpost Art, $75-125

Personalized Family & State Art, $55