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Bad habits I learned as a flight attendant...

drinking diet coke instead of coffee at 7am...I drink ALOT of soda, I mean ALOT! I try to minimize the damage to my body by drinking "natural" sodas like Hansen's brand, but I am up to a 6pack a week soda drinking habit. last in, last out...I take my time in the airport, stopping at duty free, reading gossip rags, having a nosh because those who queue up to be first onto the plane inevitably just sit there until slow pokes like me make it on board. my bag will fit in the overhead bin...I will make it fit! I never check a bag; not because it costs 1/3 of the price of the flight these days but because I've seen the way baggage handlers "handle" bags and I'd like all of my undies to arrive without having been fondled or spilled onto the runway...thank you very much! If you do have to check a bag take my advice...don't rush off the plane when it lands. I know last thing you want to do is sit on the plane any longer than you have to, but whe…


Because I can...


By the grace of God...with the help of a village, and by my own bootstraps!

Where and When

Well let's see...

1981-1999 Washington DC1999-2003 Philadelphia PA (Summer 2002 Jiyugaoka, japan)2003-2009 San Francisco, CA (Pinole-Haight/Ashbury-West Portal)2009-2010 West Hollywood, CA2010-present Washington, DC


Girly: bows, ruffles, manis and pedis, puppies, boys...these are the things I live for!Jetsetting: Former Int'l Flygirl, Road Warrior, I've danced on tables in Miami twice...once at age 18 with a faux ID and again for my 25th bday; My dog has enough frequent flyer miles to fly free on Midwest Airlines!Friendly: I strike up a conversation with anyone and never know who has nuggets of wisdom to give to sister tells me next time I see a crazy person walking down the street: DO NOT HIGH FIVE THEM!!! I'm working on that one ; )


Find out the Brea Ellis four W's...

Who: Moi
Brea Marie Ellis