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Destination Washington, D.C.

White House Garden Tour 2010

 {The rose garden}
  {A new playset for Sasha and Malia}
 {First Lady Michelle Obama's organic kitchen garden...can you spot the pumpkins she's growing?!?}


After dropping $350 on shoes (in my defense I purchased close to 10 pairs for that price)...and another $150 on clothes (J.Crew your 20% off final sale items sucked me in)...I've decided to go on a shopping ban!  {photos from my actual closet}

For the months of OCTOBER and NOVEMBER I'll be... CLOSET SHOPPING:

create fresh new outfits based on what you already own
 take pictures so you can remember what to wear, when. find a great tailor to help you mend or rethink the garments you already own create a shopping list to turn your "orphan" garments into outfits It helps that I won (and just received from the lovely Janice at THE CAPITOL FASHIONISTA) a $200 gift certificate from Style for Hire, a personal shopping company launched in DC by Stacy London of What Not To Wear. The part of the program I'm looking forward to the most is the Closet Shopping where the stylist will spend around 2 hours going through up to 40 items in my closet.

My horoscope seems to agree that …