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I just learned what GPOYW (Gratuitous Picture of Yourself Wednesday) stands for so here you go....

Doggie Dish: What to Wear

This is a photo of The City's Olivia Palermo walking her dog in New York. (Btw I love the dark hair on Olivia...she looks even MORE sinister than usual) I wish I looked this pulled together while walking my dog. His little bladder would explode if I took this much time to get ready before walking him. Leave a comment and tell me what do you wear when you walk your pup?

photo credit: Stuart Weitzman PR
reblogged from: Katrina Szish at Nonsociety

Unsolved Shoe Mystery

Did anyone else watch The View this morning? Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, was plugging her new book "The Carrie Diaries" which chronicles character Carrie Bradshaw's high school years. The book seems interesting a summer beach read...but I need more information about the fabulous shoes Bushnell was wearing. The were clogs, similar to these by Chanel seen on the site Le Chics ; even Whoopi Goldberg was distracted by them. If any of you fashionistas out there were watching please let me know what did you think of the shoes? And who is the designer?

I don't want it unless it's BRAND NEW

So I've arrived in Washington DC, the Nation's Capitol and my hometown.

And now that I've made it cross-country to my New home...
it's time to find a New career.

I'm pretty sure Jenna Lyons has my dream job, so I'll have to think of something else!

6 Dating Tips

1. Smile and say "Hi."

2. If you want to meet a man, look like you want to meet a man... Lip gloss and a comb never hurt anyone. Use both liberally.

3. Men don't notice you across a room because of your brain. Give them something to look out for.

4. Flatter your best asset. If it's your smile, smile. If it's your legs, wear a skirt.

5. Stop looking for men in bunches like at the club or happy hour. Men are everywhere, on the street, in line, in the elevator, on the train...

6. Go out alone. (But be safe.) I know you just thought, "Hell, no!" Try it, just once.

From an April 20th article in the Washington Post on relationship columnist and blogger Demetria L. Lucas

Doggie Dish: Flying with Fido

Some of you may have heard of my traumatic experience flying with my dog recently. We are traveling again and hopefully the airline will live up to its promise of being an exceptionally Pet Friendly company.

What I Wore: tip to toe

Monday April 12th, 2010
...last day in LA

jacket- Commander Salamanderdress- American Apparelleggings- H&Mmules- Banana RepublicPS...also wearing "Hollywood Hair" last seen here

What I Wore: tip to toe

Sunday April 11th, 2010 church

trench- TJ Maxxsilk tank- J.Crewskirt- Vintageflats- Piperlimescarf- free with British mag

What I Wore: tip to toe

Friday April 9th, 2010 ...on the last day with my clients

dress- J.Crewcardigan- Old Navysandals- Franco Sartobag- Longchamp


When you retire from being a banker you get a gold watch...when you retire from retail you get this...

Destination Los Angeles

I have a high school classmate in town from D.C. and I'm showing her the sights. This is a great opportunity for me too! I'm able to hit up my favorite places one last time. After a traumatic trip to my dermatologist (lets just say I'm a bleeder) in Marina del Ray we headed over to Venice and walked all around Abbot Kiney, stopping at a food truck for some Korean fusion tacos. Next we cruised down Main street in Santa Monica and finally ended up at Marmalade Cafe in Malibu for dinner. Gorgeous day!

Destination Los Angeles

Salvation Army picked up all the crap my roommate left when she hastily moved out...
(and this is after I gave half her stuff away to her friends and co-workers)


Happy Easter B*tches!

You know you love me...

sweater- H&Mtrench- T.J. Maxxjeans- Grey Antshoes- Banana Republic

Destination Los Angeles

I volunteer with the Reading to Kids Organization, fostering reading comprehension skills in elementary school children. Recently the Disney organization rewarded those who serve their communities by offering free tickets to the Disney theme parks. My friend has a season pass and was excited to come along. We are both moving out of Los Angeles so it was great to spend some time together and check Disneyland off our L.A. Bucket List!

glasses- Geek Chic from Personal Style Opticalscarf- WetSealjacket and leggings- H&Mthermal shirt- VS Pinkwellies- J.Crewdenim tote- made it myself years ago when I joined the Delta Zeta Sorority!!!