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Gratuitous Photo Of Yourself Wednesday


Gratuitous Photo Of Yourself Wednesday

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New York Times: Sunday Edition

The New York Times Sunday Wedding announcements, "the single woman's sports pages"
This Sunday's blushing bride award goes to 79 year-old Arlene 'Ollie' Ball who married a younger man (75 year-old Robert Dempsey) Saturday July 10th. The young-at-heart Ball shares her wedding date with Carrie Underwood, Lala Vazquez, and Emily Blunt and met her husband on  Kudos to Mr. Dempsey who arrive a little to early for their first date and spotted Miss Bell walking her dog; he "turned the car around and [waited] until she got back in the house;" allowing her to reemerge from the home fully 'done up' for their date.

Found out who won Adorable Mention when you click "Read More"

Workin' on my fitness

It's going to take ALOT to get me to exercise in this heat...
It's going to take a little bit of Britney,  a bunch of brunch and alot of bubbly.  

W-Hotel you know me so well!

Learn the choreography from Brit-brit's "3" video atop the W- hotel then stick around for brunch including waffles, sushi and baked goods. It will set you back $39 but the view of FLOTUS Michell Obama's arms (the W-hotel rooftop overlooks the White House) should be inspiration enough!

Beach Bums & Bellinis

Sunday July 11th  Pop Star Workout with Heather Cohen of Stroga
Sunday July 25th Definition Pilates with Kelly Griffith of Fuel Pilates
Sunday August 8th Vinyasa Flow with Kevin Waldorf-Cruz of Tranquil Space
Sunday August 22nd Coyote Ugly with Jessalynn Mediary of Pole Pressure
Sunday September 12th Boot Camp Basics with Chickaro Martin of Project Fitness

Classes are Sundays at 10:45; brunch begins at noon.

The W Hotel, Washington DC is located at 515 15th St. NW, at Pennsylvania…


Gratuitous Photo of Yourself Wednesday
{New haircut...thoughts?}

New York Times: Sunday Edition

New York Times Weddings section,“the single woman’s sports pages”
I just had a Charlotte York sorority sister's wedding announcement is in this Sunday's New York Times!

Congrats to Christine Parsons of Delta Zeta Sorority at Temple University!

 {Christine Parsons and Jordan Lustig who met at Temple University and wed Friday July 2nd, 2010}
Adorable mention goes to Mitchell Gold (of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams) and Tom Scofield; who "from now on, [will] be know as Mr. Gold and Mr. Gold, or the Golds."

 {Mitchell Gold and Tim Scofield in white, pictured with D.J. Lady Bunny who was featured at their wedding}

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July 4th, 2010


Shop-Til-You-Drop: Antiquing

The last apartment I decorated was Malibu beach themed, this time I want to go with a a Parisienne parlor look. Here are some great pieces I spotted in Old Town Alexandria.

Faboosh Females: Tracey Ferguson

Long before the Kardashians ran amuk over on E! a little show called Keeping Up with the Joneses was in the works on Centric TV, formerly BET Jazz.

The show follows the career and personal life of the faboosh (yes I'm trying to make "faboosh" happen) Tracey Ferguson who is Editor-in-Chief of Houston based Jones magazine.

In the first episode Tracey and her team are gearing up to launch Jones nationally because "a magazine this good should'nt be so small"

Check out the first episode when you click "READ MORE"