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What I Wore: tip to toe (30for30 Challenge)

DID YOU MISS ME? I've been slackin' on my pimpin' not taking photos of my outfits, not blogging, and wearing alot of Sorel boots and cords b/c of the crappy weather in DC, but enough excuses! I'm buying a new digital camera (any suggestions) and getting my act together!

You might remember that I sat myself in the naughty corner for overspending and learned to Shop My Closet. Now I'm taking it to the next level and signing up for the 30for30 challenge posted on the KENDI EVERYDAY blog and i'm so excited show you WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Here are the rules:

1. Pick 30 items or less from your closet.  (Shoes are included, but accessories and jewelry are not.)
2. Remix the 30 items into 30 different outfits.  (Maybe I'll make a calendar with all the pretty pictures ; )3. Don't shop for 30 days.  (Yikes!)

So of course i've picked February b/c I like to underpromise and overdeliver! Wish me luck!…