Monday, April 29, 2013

Kiehl's Facials and Manis

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

jacket- La Petite Marmoset | necklace- Anthropologie | blouse- J.Crew | jeans- Madewell | flats- Franco Sarto | bag- "The Brea" FauxYard by RefinedYetRugged

I've always been a fan of Kiehl's lip balm esp. the type with SPF 15; it was the first (and last) thing I ever purchased from Neiman Marcus. Now that Kiehl's has stand alone stores all around the country I love to pop in and see whats new in the world of natural skin care.

My favorite Kiehl's Khemist is Dana, who edits the blog Skinny Girls Like To Eat Too, and also works at the company's Georgetown location. Recently Dana invited a few of her blogger pals to drop by and learn about the Kiehl's product line. She treated us to manicures by fellow blogger, and nail artist, Jasmine of Web Haute Jas as well as plenty of champs.

The real treat was a full on facial by Dana herself who had some great tips and showed me a few of the new products Kiehl's has to offer. I fell in love with the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, which brightens the dark circles under your eyes and gives that delicate area a quick burst of hydration. I was also impressed to find out that Kiehl's offers its own BB cream with SPF of 50 as well as a new spray sunscreen

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show 2013

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

blazer- Nordstrom | sweater- Ann Taylor | jeans- Grey Ant | shoes- Ann Taylor | bag- Violet Boutique

Did you enjoy the last Friday FYI post I wrote about the "5 Photos You Should NEVER Take" well this time around I want to talk to you about beauty. Spring has sprung and the sun is shining on your beautiful face, but if you're anything like me the lack of vitamin D has turned your skin a seriously dull hue. 

Nordstrom's across the country recently held their annual Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show to showcase the top beauty looks for the Spring and Summer seasons.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fashion + Social Media

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

top- Ann Taylor | pant- Nordstrom, POV | flats- Nordstrom Rack | bag- Miss Ivy

Recently, I attended a discussion on how social media has influenced the fashion industry. From bloggers wearing sponsored outfits to brands using "real people" as models. Here are the top ten tips for bridging the gap between FASHION + SOCIAL MEDIA.

1. BEAT SOCIAL MEDIA FATIGUE: The more organized you are the better (Lacey MaffettoneA Lacey Perspective); Schedule different days to focus on different social media platforms (Patrice Washington | Second Hand Shopping Soiree)

2. BECOME A BRAND: Write a brand statement. ie. "Life is colorful, life is sweet"; You won't grow your [online presence] overnight.  (Nikki Rappaport | Cupcakes for Breakfast | Hugh & Crye)

3. USE A DIFFERENT VOICE FOR EACH PLATFORM: There's no reason to follow all of a brand's [social media] platforms if they all say the same thing. (Lacey)

4. STAY CONSISTENT I enjoy mixing high and low, sometimes you've been following a blogger and then they start buying items that are thousands of dollars and you say...wait I can't keep up with you! (Lacey)

5. BEING A BRAND IS HARD Be okay with what YOU like and know that not everyone will appreciate it. Negative tweets and comments [will come] (Lacey)

6. ITS OKAY TO HAVE A FAVORITE PLATFORM I love how intimate Instagram is. (Nikki); Pinterest is the money maker; Fashion is very visual and you can click through and see where the inspiration comes from. (Lacey)

7. BRANDS WANT AUTHENTICITY Hugh & Crye looks for bloggers who can share the same sense of style and personality as the brand. (Nikki)

8. BECOME A BRAND AMBASSADOR Blogs are the go-between [connecting] the consumer that wants to buy the item [with] the company that wants to sell it. The more you realize what your brand is, the easier it is to pick brands to work with. (Lacey)

9. ANSWER ALL PITCHES When you receive a pitch that is off-brand, respond to them and let them know why this doesn't work for you. (Nikki)

10. CREATE QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY Put out good, thorough content. Don't rush to put out content, just to have a post. (Patrice)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Artini 2013

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

top- Chico's | pants- LOFT | shoes- Ann Taylor | clutch- family heirloom

Can I tell you how amazing these sequin pants are? I originally purchased them online from LOFT to wear last year on New Year's Eve. Seriously what crazy person buys a New Year's Eve outfit online...I mean what if it doesn't fit...what if it arrives and it looks hideous...what if i arrives AFTER New Year's Eve? Then what? 

I took a fashionable leap of faith on these "pantalon" and have never looked back. I can't remember how much they cost and I'm sure I used a coupon, but can I just say whatever the price tag should have been double. The cost-per-wear on these bad boys is now like $5. 

I've taken them for a spin on the tabletop dance floor at The Howard Theatre on New Year's Eve; I've dressed them down and paired them with wedge sneakers and a beaded sweatshirt and now I've made them a respectable society lady by allowing them to accompany me to the 2013 Artini fundraiser at the Corcoran Gallery of Art & Design