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Going Out is Better than Always Staying In

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!dress- Zara (featured in the NY Times)
Am I the only one who thinks getting ready to go out is actually the best part of going out? I could spend hours between my closet and my bathroom primping and prepping for a night on the town. And then once I'm all dolled up I'm perfectly happy to pour a glass of wine and watch TV on my couch the rest of the night. 
Hillary Duff (don't judge me) has a song called "Come Clean" which was the theme song for the MTV reality show Laguna Beach (stop judging me right now!) Anyways the song is about finding yourself and understanding who you are by stripping yourself bare.
I won't get too personal as this is a personal style blog and we're all here for the clothes, not my feelings, but I've been looking to be the highest version of myself lately and it isn't always easy with so many external influences. But Hillary is right, there's not much living you can do from your couch so I'm ge…

Statement Blazer

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!Jacket -  Ann Taylor LOFT | top & jeans- Ann Taylor | booties- Bloomingdale's 
For every season, a statement blazer. Last spring this floral blazer was the MVP of my wardrobe and this Winter's winner has been a deep red blazer from Ann Taylor LOFT. A good blazer can add structure to any outfit and if you can afford to, get it tailored to fit you perfectly. Shoulders back...head high... you're ready for the season ahead!
Have you found a statement blazer this season? Link to it in the comment section or snap of pic in it and send it my way at

Manic Monday

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!Jacket- Bebe (old) | shirt- Brooks Brothers | skirt & shoes- LOFT I try to publish my posts first thing in the morning. Here are a few snapshots of me hard at work on my blog before I left the house to go to my actual job. Lot's of people ask me why I don't monetize my blog, as in make money off of it through ads or cash in exchange for promoting brands and the answer is simple...I HAVE A JOB. Blogging doesn't feel like work for me, and when it does I simply take a step back.

I blog because I like having a record of WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! Getting dressed is a very subjective activity. I dress the way I'm feeling that morning; I hardly ever plan outfits. Having a blog to keep track of my outfits and my moods is like journaling and I hope you find my blog inspirational.

On those mornings where you're standing in front of your closet wondering how you'll ever put something together...I hope my blog is here for you... cheering you o…

Featured: The DC Ladies

Did you catch my interview with The DC Ladies earlier this month? Click the link below to hear what I had to say about what I do for a living, what I look for in a friend (spoiler alert: similar morals and shoe size) and find out my favorite spot in DC for cupcakes!