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In Summer We Wear White

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!dress | blazer | shoes | bag | sunnies | watchTomorrow is the official beginning of summer. Here in Washington, DC we kick off summer on Memorial Day's when Jazz in the Garden begins at the National Gallery of Art's sculpture garden and we are able to wear white without reservation. 
Nothing says summer like linen and white, I got really excited about the nice weather and wore both. Can you blame me?

Solving the Biggest Problem with Exercise

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!dress | sports bra | leggings | shoesAll clothing provided byZumba® The hardest part about exercising is finding time to do it. Motivating yourself to get up off the couch or step away from your desk takes real effort. Luckily this time of year we are blessed with a natural stimulant...sunshine!

The easiest thing to do is blow off a workout because let's face it we are all really busy, but now that the weather has gotten warmer I've been stealing away for a few minutes to workout and you know's addicting!

Just the thought of getting out of the freezing a/c in my office or being able to soak in the rays of sun that peek through the windows in my home are enough to make me actually look forward to exercising.

I had plans to hang out on a friend's rooftop over the weekend, but first I headed outside with Bradley "Superstar"and got in a quick work out. I didn't have much time so I wore some coordinating capri leggings and high t…