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Rule Breaker: White Before Memorial Day

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!shirt | jeans | tank | sandals | bag
It feels like I just can't follow the rules when it comes to wearing white. Either I'm wearing all white after Labor Day or rushing the season by wearing white before Memorial Day, once it gets warm I just want to wear white all the time. I loved turning this shirtdress by Madewell into a topper for my outfit for the cancelled Lucky Fabb events. 
The Lucky Fabb conference was supposed to take place at the Conrad hotel in New York so myself and a few other bloggers (Dionna of Made Me Pretty and Angela of Notes From the Dressing Room) popped over to the hotel's rooftop to snap a few outfit pics! Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from this shoot in Dionna's "Back to Basics" post. And tell me in the comments…how long do you wait to wear your whites?

Beauty In A Beat

Before heading up to New York, to make whatever brand connections I could since Lucky Magazine hastily cancelled their Fashion and Beauty Blogger conference, I stopped in the Hay Adams Hotel across from the White House to experience the on demand beauty service Beauty in a Beat. Think of it as a glam squad available anytime through an app on your phone.
Have you ever watched The Kardashians and seen them sitting leisurely in their oversized bathrooms getting their makeup and hair done for a simple trip to the mall? Or on the Real Housewives whenever their is an end-of-the-season party they have their glam squads come over and basically give them a head-to-toe makeover from the comfort of their homes? This is the type of luxury you can expect from Beauty in a Beat.
With downright cheap prices ($75 for make up application, $25 for manicures, etc.) you can have expert help getting ready wherever you are. Extensively vetted service professionals can come to your home, office, hotel... you …

Girls Night Out: NYC

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!vest- Crossroads Trading Co. | dress- H&M | heels- Banana Republic
I was supposed to go to New York for a conference, but it got cancelled (more on that in a future post) so instead I went up to NY and had (another) a girls weekend. We shopped, ate and slept in the comfiest of hotel beds. It was just want I didn't know I needed!

The New DC // Maketto

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!jumpsuit | hat | sunglasses | sandals | blazer | handbag
As a third generation native Washingtonian I struggle with the "new DC" I lived in the city until it was time to go to college and then after I graduated I moved to the West Coast so I've only been back in DC for a few years and so much has changed.
Neighborhoods that didn't have much to offer (interesting dining options, safe night life, etc) a decade or so ago are now hip and trendy. Sadly this often displaces longtime residents; I myself have been priced out of the neighborhood I grew up in. 
I've found that in order to enjoy "new DC" you need an open mind, full wallet and empty belly. Last weekend I organized a few other bloggers (all DC natives) to check out Maketto, a new communal marketplace on H Street, NE. Combining a coffee shop, Asian-fusion restaurant and men's street wear clothing store Maketto is a shining example of when "upgrading a neighborhood"…