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Grey Sweatshirt Dress

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! dress: Lou & Grey for LOFT sandals: Banana Republic(on sale!)Ok, one last thing about this new Lou & Grey line at LOFT (an no I'm not sponsored by them, I purchased these pieces with my own money...I just stumbled upon them and I really like them!) this dress has been in heavy rotation! If you follow me on Instagram you saw me wear over my bikini on a scorcher of a day when I went to the pool. I've also worn it to a last minute brunch, its so easy to just throw on with a pair of grey New Balance sneakers.
My friends have said this is actually a shirt or tunic, but since I've gone out to several public places in it without pants I'm going to go ahead and proclaim this to be a dress mmmkay?

Lou & Grey at the LOFT

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe Shop my dress: Lou & Grey Shop my bag: Forever 21 Shop my shoes: Birkenstock
I'm certainly a fan of Ann Taylor (as evidenced in previous blog posts) and her lower-priced sister store, the LOFT. So its no surprise that I picked up a few pieces recently. The LOFT is carrying a new athleisure line called Lou & Grey. Its a very ethereal line based on the senses. My personality is often whimsical so the line really spoke to me...seriously most of the pieces were 50% off at the LOFT store I visited and it was so hard not to buy up everything. 

Have you purchased any pieces from Lou & Grey?


WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!top: Gentle Fawn | jeans: LOFT | bag: Forever21 | shoes: Ann TaylorAs you know I've been working on being more transparent in my blogging. For me that means shooting some outfits in their natural in while i'm wearing them in my everyday life. Did you enjoy the photos my friend snapped of me in my casual friday clothes right after work?
In the name of being authentic, this top was a bit sheer and I tried on several different undergarments with it, but in the end I liked the illusion it created. I even wore it out to girl's night with an even more visible layer underneath. 
I love fashion, but I believe that fashion should be appropriate. This top is sheer enough to wear to a fun night on the town with a beautiful bodysuit underneath and buttoned up enough to wear to work with a blazer over top.  
PS- don't you love boyfriend jeans and heels? It's the perfect combination of effort and effortless!

How to rock the off-the-shoulder trend

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! tops are having a moment right now and everyone's talking about it. I decided to try out the trend after seeing this cute peasant top at Ann Taylor LOFT. Funny enough when I went to style it I pulled pieces (like these boyfriend jeans and sunglasses) that were also from the LOFT. I'm not sponsored by this brand, but you wouldn't be able to tell from my closet. 
My thoughts on the off-the-shoulder trend? Its hard to pull off. The top has to be made just right so that the neckline sits delicately on your shoulders and doesn't ride up like this one did. There is a wide range of options for these tops so try on a few before you buy one, but if you want to experiment like I did try this inexpensive version for just $10 at H&M.
Have you tried the off-the-shoulder trend? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on social media!
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Casual Friday: Critter Chinos

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!
Somehow in my effort to put higher quality images on my blog I've neglected to provide you - my readers - with everyday outfit inspiration. I've worked with lots of brands this year and have done shoots with a professional photographer in some cool locations and even in a photo studio, but this post is getting back to my blogging roots.
Fresh from work, a friend snapped these photos of me in that day's business casual outfit. I keep a few seasonally appropriate blazers at my desk and in the coat closet at work so I made this outfit a little more conservative by pairing it with a neutral blazer while I was inside of my office.

How cute are these chinos? They have little lobsters on them. Everyone in my office comments on them when I wear them...especially the men! I guess critter chinos are gender neutral.

Amy: The Movie

I finally saw the cautionary tale that is Amy: The Movie. (Spoiler Alert: I sobbed through the entire second half.) 
The movie shows like chronologically ordered liner notes of Amy Winehouse's music and her life, but you realize early on that these things are one and the same. Unlike most popstars, which she points out in the film- typically sing lyrics written for them, Amy wrote her own lyrics and wrote only about her actual life. I quickly regretted every rehab joke I'd made about her and having dressed up as her for Halloween after she died.
With deep seated issues with men, stemming from the demise of her parent's marriage when she was 9 years old, to the disappointment of realizing she wore the pants in her first adult relationship- Amy pours out her hear in each song.
 "Once he was a family manSo surely I would never, ever go through it first hand  I can't help but demonstratemy Freudian fate" -What is it About Men, 2003
But why couldn't anyone hear her…