Saturday, March 26, 2016

Blogger Brunch

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Get the look...

leather jacket | sweatshirt | jeans | sneakers

Last weekend I met up with a few bloggers (check us out here) to try out a new spot for brunch (Agora) and to have an excuse to get dressed up. It rained on our parade, so my outfit was decidedly dressed down, but it was so much fun catching up with old friends and making new ones. 

After spending two hours gorging on meze after (tiny plate heaven) meze and drinking from a bottomless flute of champers and oj we scouted a location and took photos for our blogs. Our host was the lovely Dani of Blonde in the District who was sweet enough to snap the outfit pictures you'll see in this post. 

Should you decide to check out Agora this weekend be sure to wear your chicest looks, the crowd was rocking get 'em girl dresses, faux fur vests and high high heels. This is the brunch spot you want to roll up to on your way to a day party (or on your walk-of-shame home from the night before) dress to impress! 

And the food...oh girl! The restaurant is Mediterranean themed, but there's plenty of eggs and bacon for everyone. There is also an upstairs, which looked perfect for birthday celebrations or larger brunch groups, and had its own bar and music selection. When it's warmer the sidewalk seating will be at a premium and is covered by an awning in case the sun (or your mimosa) gets a little too strong.

I'm looking forward to Dani's next Bubbles and Bloggers brunch. What are you up to this Easter weekend? (Leave me a comment on Instagram or below this post)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Clothes Off Your Back for International Women's Day

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Would you donate your clothes to Dress for Success? 

Great! Me too. 

In fact I've done so in the past, read more about that here and here

Now...would you donate your favorite outfit to a woman who needed a confidence boost

How about while you're still wearing that outfit? 

Are you hesitating yet...same here. 

And this is where the Woolite Darks project comes in. I've been a fan of the regular Woolite Extra Delicates Care detergent since high school and although its got a bad rep for only getting delicates clean I used it to wash all of my loads well before the brand branched out and created Woolite Gentle Cycle for everyday loads (which is how I had been using the delicates formula) and now Woolite Darks.

In honor of yesterday's International Women's Day holiday, Woolite Darks paired up with Dress for Success and spend a few days with a street style photographer capturing women on the streets of New York donning dark clothes and exuding confidence. Predicated on research that dark clothes boost confidence (apparently wearing black makes people appear smarter...DC uniform of choice...and sexier...French women already know this) the brand asked the women to literally give the clothes off their back to a woman who could use a confidence boost.

Get your hanky ready and hit play.

Besides being a brand that believes in supporting women, Woolite and Woolite Darks ensures that your dark clothes never fade. Which for someone like me - that only wears denim in black - is essential. Join the movement and help by sharing the video and #ShareConfidence

Monday, March 7, 2016

Just Do It

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!

Get the look:

tank / leggings / glasses

I'm not usually one to get dressed up for the gym. I have quite the collection of free tee shirts from sorority and volunteer events so I just pair one of those with sweats, leggings and sometimes even pajama bottoms. I's not like i'm parading around the gym picking up guys. I work out on the Pilates reformer machine with a trainer once a week in a private room and then take a class at Biker Barre on the weekends that's full of women so there's no one to impress. 

However recently a Nike Outlet opened in DC on New York Ave NE near my office and they had some great deals right after Thanksgiving so I stocked up on proper workout attire. And one good deed leads to another because having these fancy exercise clothes has made me want to work out more often. I've been taking a resistance band with me on my business trips and doing workouts in my hotel room. Summer bodies are made in winter you know!