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Leather Weather

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! jacket (Iro) | jeans (Grey Ant) | headwrap (Ruby Sampson) | shoes (Madewell)photos by: Rosa Loves DC
First things first...lets discuss this silk-lined Ruby Sampson headwrap, shall we? 
I got it months ago at the Zuvaa pop-up shop in Ivy City (you know...over by where Love/Dream used to be). I got to meet the designer and she gave me a hands on tutorial on how to tie a headwrap. The trick, if you're a beginner, is to wear a small scarf. The bigger the scarf the more complicated it is to do. Don't worry, she has a scarf for beginners
You basically wrap the rectangle-shaped scarf from the back of your head forward, tying a knot at the center of your forehead. Then you tuck the ends of the scarf into the knot you've tied. Its that simple! The amazing part about this Ruby Sampson headwrap is that its silk lined on one side and linen on the other. 
If you've read the story of my "big chop" than you know that my scalp is a delicate flower...s…

Putting Some Peplum in your Step!

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe!top & shirt: J.Crew | pants: Talbots photos by: Rosa Loves DC
Why do I still shop at J.Crew? It's one of those stores that gets me with its marketing, even though I know full well they are not talking to me. All I ever need to know about J.Crew is Jenna Lyons. She's an extremely tall, extremely thin, extremely waspy white woman and J.Crew is a store full of clothing tailored to fit her. 
That said, the folks over at "The Crew" have been pumping out overly styled catalogs - that look more like travel guides - since way before Jenna graduated from Parsons. In fact, I'd venture to say that many a blogger (this one included) borrow heavily from the strong artistic direction of the early J.Crew catalogs that showed fresh faced women on holiday in chunky cable knit sweaters or neon shorts surrounded by breathtaking backdrops all over the world.
I got a degree in Journalism, specializing in Magazine Editing, so I could scout locations and set up…

The Half Tuck

WHAT I WORE: tip to toe! Outfit via Trunk Club (Hurry...these pieces are 25% off)photos by: Rosa Loves DC
Fall's here, its official. This summer I used the Trunk Club at-home personal shopping services and I really enjoyed the ease of finding new pieces for my wardrobe without schlepping to the mall a million times. Now that the seasons have changed I wanted to get some fall pieces into the rotation. I went into the Trunk Club's DC clubhouse for an in-real-life shopping appointment with my virtual stylist Dana James. We had SO.MUCH.FUN. The champagne flowed freely and so did the girltalk, but there were also tons of men in the clubhouse getting fitted for suits - so the eyecandy didn't hurt! 

I went home with this outfit: a pair of Frame denim jeans and this perfectly sheer blouse from Theory. This is now my go-to look for brunch with my girls or a first date. Dana also shared a Trunk Club trend with me...the half tuck. The secret is to unbutton the last button and tuck in …